Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watch SWAT Firefight (2011) Online Free

Watch SWAT Firefight (2011) Online now as it's as good as the SWAT. The SWAT Firefight (2011)  synopsis is about a Los Angeles SWAT officer transferred to Detroit to train the city’s SWAT team on anti-terrorism and homeland security measures. Then a routine hostage situation turned into a deadly vendetta as an ex-government agent blamed the officer and the SWAT team for the death of his love. The officer and the team must use all their skills to protect themselves from the trained killer.

The film is directed by Benny Boom. It stars Gabriel Macht, Robert Patrick, Kristanna Loken, and Carly Pope.

The film is based on a popular 1970s television series. It was initially brought on to the large screen with 2003’s S.W.A.T., starring Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Renner, Michelle Rodriguez, LL Cool J and Olivier Martinez.

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