Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watch Drive Angry 3D Movie Online Free

Watch Drive Angry 3D (2011) Online Free Megavideo Stream. Another Nicholas Cage movie which release this year. Full action from him as he chase for men who killed his daughther and he try to safe his granddaughter which kidnapped by the men.

Drive Angry is great movie and i believe for those who love action movie, you will never miss this movie or you will regret. Here is my review about Drive Angry 3D (2011).

If there's one film you have to see at the cineplex, it doesn't have to be this one. Shoot, the steamy Oscar winning productions are still playing in my area. While this isn't saying much, "Drive Angry 3D" may actually be the best out of your acquired taste. After all, what's playing? A Justin Bieber 3D concert, a lame Adam Sandler flick, and an out-of-style sex comedy. Those choices certainly won't put my hot butt into a seat. The difference is, "Drive Angry" is exactly what you pay for when walking in. So it's quite impossible to feel cheated going into something you knew full well what you were getting into. Boobs, sex, drugs, hell, severed limbs, hot chicks, and blood. All in 3D. It's like going to McDonalds, and ordering the most greasiest, unhealthiest burger, but it just tastes so good that you want to savor your every bite.

This latest Nicholas Cage camp-romp is about Cage's daughter being murdered. However, the daughter's baby is still alive, but some Satanic tribe is holding the baby captive. Cage, already dead in hell, must retrieve the child before it falls victim at the crack of dawn.

First off, is this movie so-bad-it's-good or just so-bad-it's-bad? Definitely the former. The film knows exactly what it is, and always does its best to keep it that way. The jokes are funny, the actors are involved, and the film is just non-stop, juvenile fun. How's the gore? Not too bad. You get many unexpected deaths, some dismemberment here and there, and tons of blood splatter. How's the gratuitous nudity? Pretty moderate. There's no shortage, but it's definitely not over-excessive (ala "Piranha 3D"). Now, the 3D? It's just very immersing considering the fact it was shot in the third dimensions, it plays the gimmick off well, and you get some nice depth.

Cage hasn't been in anything good lately, but the film breaks that mold. Cage finally puts his fake wig, and campy persona to good use. What better way to flesh out than in a slice-'em- and-dice-'em B-flick. Also, this movie is very nostalgic. When I saw the opening credits, the typical "diner" setting, and the last 20 minutes, I just felt like it was the 70's all over again. This is a TRUE grindhouse movie.

What are the problems? Well, this movie is pretty entertaining, but the gore ran a little lower than I expected. Sure, you get a lot of fluids, but not many severed limbs. Also, I thought the film could've pushed the envelope a bit more. For a 70's B-flick car film, you would think it would go over the edge a bit. "Piranha 3D" is the best example. It broke a record for the most blood in a film, it could potentially break another for most on-screen nudity in a mainstream film, and it pushed the envelope so far that it was just a hair away from an NC-17.


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