Sunday, May 1, 2011

Watch Beyond The Blackboard 2011 Online Free Megavideo

Watch Beyond The Blackboard 2011 Online Free Megavideo
Hallmark Hall of Fame's Beyond the Blackboard (which was previously titled Let Them Shine) aired last night, April 24, 2011, and I and no doubt millions of other people enjoyed it. Starring Emily VanCamp, Timothy Busfield and Treat Williams, it follows a true story from a book titled Nobody Don't Love Nobody by Stacey Bess.
Set in 1987 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Beyond the Blackboard tells the story a brand-new teacher and Mom who is given a tougher than expected teaching job and winds up teaching homeless CHILDREN in a school that is housed in a single room in a dilapidated warehouse and called THE SCHOOL WITH NO NAME. She has some personal prejudicial hurdles to cross before she is able to be a true teacher for these children and of course there are unexpected hurdles like the facts that this school has no desks, books or supplies.

Hallmark movie fans who do NOT have the Hallmark Channel were lucky because Beyond the Blackboard premiered as Hallmark's 243rd presentation on CBS rather than Hallmark's own channel. Meaning those without the specialty channel could tune in and watch. However, if you missed watching it on CBS and are now wondering where and when you will be able to watch it or you simply enjoyed it so much that you want to own it, I am pleased to tell you that you can already buy a copy on DVD. On this page, you can watch the movie trailer, learn more about Beyond the Blackboard and even order a copy of the movie, if you like.

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