Saturday, April 16, 2011

Watch Rio (2011) Online Free Stream

Watch Rio Online  Are you guys ready for something like a gigantic movie this April? Well, if you are, the upcoming film Rio is what you are looking for. It is a terrific twist of adventures, love, friendship and courage, on which the protagonist character deals with. Rio belongs to the genre of comedic animation that focus on the story of a kind of parrot, specifically a macaw. Their adventure flows on the normal way like the human story, but it does involve some twist that is kinda amazing to be watched. Blu, a rare type of macaw thinking that he was the only one of their kind that existing in this world. But when he finally founds out that there are another, and the twist is that, it is a female macaw. And he travelled from his home at a tiny town in Minnesota into the southern city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil only to finds her. But the destiny trigger their relationship in a way that they oppose each other in one single way. He was challenged by his ability to flight which is far from the highly independent and flying Jewel, the female macaw the gives him the reason to go to Brazil. But it’s not an excuse to both of them for a beyond normal adventure on which they find the true meaning of love and friendship. And in that way, they had open the journey on more things that deals about the reality of life, of what we call, existence?

Well, that’s is just a sort of summary from this movie “Rio” on which is set to be release on April 15, 2011. To watch Rio (2011) is something like a great way to spend your April with all those funny stuffs in this movie, with a matching contemporary brazilian music, as well as family-friendly songs. This is a movie that will sure keep up your stamina on high with a rising sensation as it gives you the heart warming story and absolutely cute peripheral stuffs. It is directed by Carlos Saldanha and written by Don Rhymer, and stars Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberf, George Lopez and Tracy Morgan. Distributed under the 20th Century Fox.

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