Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watch William & Kate (TV 2011) Online Free Stream

Watch William & Kate (TV 2011) Online Free Stream
Sticklers for detail might have been confused by the opening of William and Kate – the Movie (Channel 5, Sunday), when Prince William’s arrival at St Andrews was introduced by an aerial shot of Christ Church, Oxford. But then, sticklers for detail were never likely to be satisfied by an 87-minute TV movie about the Royal family made for the Lifetime cable network in the US.
Watch William & Kate (TV 2011) Movie Free Stream
This was a St Andrews which its students called ‘school’, where they lived in ‘dorms’. These were rooms with so much dark wood panelling and so many Tudor beams that it would have been no surprise to see Diana Dors pop out in full Hammer Horror costume. And while this movie was ‘based on true events’, it certainly wasn’t based on true hairdos or soft furnishings.
Watch William & Kate (TV 2011) Online Movie
Prince William met Kate Middleton, but Kate had a boyfriend. William didn’t like St Andrews and threatened to leave. But William was thwarted by his father, an enjoyably articulate Prince Charles played with evident relish by Ben Cross. ‘There are always repercussions when one changes one’s mind,’ warned Charles darkly, and the wooden panelling creaked with deeper meaning.

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