Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Watch Don't Go Breaking My Heart (2011) Online Free Stream

Country: Hong Kong
Production Company: China Film Media Asia Audio Video Distribution Co./ Media Asia Films/ Milky Way Image Company
Genre: Romance/ Comedy
Director: Johnnie To/ Wai Ka Fai
Starring: Gao Yuan Yuan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, J.J. Jia, Lam Suet, Terence Yin, Selena Li
Length: 120 mins
Date of release: 31st March, 2011


Cheng Zhi En (Gao Yuan Yuan) comes from mainland China and works as an investment analyst in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong her personal love life and career are not running smoothly. His ex-boyfriend is married and the investment market suffers from financial crisis.

Her work is always stressful and her best consolation is a male executive working opposite her office called Zhang Shen Ran (Louis Koo), who is handsome and always advises her during the times of need.

One day while she is taking a tram she accidentally meets up with her ex-boyfriend (Terence Yin) and his pregnant wife (Selena Li), and leaves them immediately. During that incident she almost get knocked down by a car. She got saved her life by Fang Qi Hong (Daniel Wu) who dresses like a beggar.

And in order to thank him she gives all the things given by her ex-boyfriend to him so that he could sell them away. Actually Qi Hong is a frustrated architect and always get drunk. Zhi En encourages him to quit drinking, start from scratch once again and leaves him a horned frog.

Zhi En has plan to date Shen Ran but he already have an appointment with another lady. She feels sad like a broken hearted woman after knowing this. She also has an appointment with Qi Hong at the park but she herself fails to show up.

Three years later Shen Ran becomes Zhi En's boss. She feels his boss is very low class due of his 'playboy' character and Shen Ran has intention to marry Zhi En. At the same time Qi Hong quits drinking and becomes the country's renowned architect.

Qi Hong moves to the office building opposite Zhi En's and the two get back together once again. He also has love interest with Zhi En. Both men are after her at the same time. Who will Zhi En choose in the end?

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