Saturday, June 11, 2011

Watch Sherlock Holmes 2009 Online Free Megavideo

Sherlock Holmes 2009 Online Free Megavideo
In spite of all the critical praise, I thought this movie flat out sucked. If you can imagine a London of the 1890s as primarily illuminated by burning torches and absolute filth everywhere (including on the person of Holmes himself) maybe you'll like this movie.
I thought the characterizations of Holmes and Watson were just wrong - nothing like how they were portrayed in the novels, and certainly nothing like they were portrayed in the many earlier movies and TV dramas. Not that they should be the same, but good God, the mood should be somewhat the same.
These directors and set decorators need to learn a little history so they can build an authentic set. London in the 1890s enjoyed electric lighting almost everywhere, most of the upper and middle class had telephones, and while many parts of the city were filthy, the areas depicted in the movie were usually clean.

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