Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watch The Point of Regret (2011) Online Free Stream

Watch The Point of Regret (2011) Online Free Stream
1978. A mother, father and their 3 year old son are murdered. The killer their 12 year old son William. 2008. William is released with a new identity and wants to die. Ryan needs the story. A story of courage, sacrifice and love.
It wind me up when people mark down or are overly critical of film projects obviously done with limited resources... you can't use the same yardstick as those films with vast corporate Hollywood or Guy Richie Inc backing. What should shine through whatever the circumstances is the plot and script, in fact having a reduced budget can make a clever director and cast work harder to get their ideas over in a more effective or unique way.
Watch The Point of Regret (2011) Online Free Megavideo
I initially didn't hold much hope for Point of Regret but soon got pulled into it. I initially watched it mostly for the fact it was filmed in Worcester where i grew up... it was the first film to be given filming permission in the city's cathedral. Although I'd pretty much guessed the ending by the half way point - this didn't detract from the main thrust of the story being told. I actually grew to enjoy the cast's performances on the whole and thought there were several good plot turns and effective story-telling elements.
Watch The Point of Regret Online
The scenes with William filming himself as an academic "Doctor" doing suicide research was a bit strange - didn't fit in some ways - but i guess it drove the concept 'point of regret' home for the viewer. On that note - suicide by gas oven has not been possible since Britain made gas from coal which stopped just after WW2. It's impossible to die from sticking your head into a gas oven these days I'm afraid. Still - that's a minor point.

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